First Aid Comes First

Close up of a foot with bandage.

Life is precious. It is both complex and delicate. The evolution of human life has come so far that applying survival of the fittest is not as hard as it once was. It is very rare for humans to die out of infections, diseases or serious injuries if they have access to hospitalization. However, not all situations happened near a hospital. And even with the same distance, the option for transportation is not equal in all places. There are instances when accidents and disasters occur way far from civilization or proper medical assistance came too late that the person is permanently disabled or dead. In order to minimize such cases, the medical industry have been promoting health insurance, which you can buy from here, and proper first aid training for several decades now. For most if not all emergency situations where human lives are at stake, it is a must that first aid comes first. There are major reasons why first aid comes first in all emergency situations.
1. Time is ticking – Whether it is a natural disaster or accidents, those involved are fighting with time. Injured people will need immediate assistance if there’s any hope for survival. Further accidents may happen. This is often with natural disasters like flood, earthquakes or fire. People trapped in the middle of such calamity will need to vacate the premises and look for safer grounds. During floods, landslides may occur or the water level will drastically rise doing further damage and injuries or fatalities. During earthquakes, there might be people who are hit by falling debris and infrastructure may collapse causing more casualties. People trapped in a building caught on fire are at risk in getting serious burns or collapsing from CO2 inhalation. The risk multiplies if the people are injured during the initial attack. And applying first aid and bringing them to safety is far more important than waiting for rescuers and medical help.
2. The patient’s condition can turn from bad to worse – In life threatening situations like drowning or severe bleeding, without first aid assistance, the victims can potentially lose their lives. Without CPR, drowned victims will not have sufficient supply of oxygen which will make the body organs especially the brain to shut down and eventually the patient dies. For patients with severe bleeding, the amount of blood loss is fatal to them. Applying necessary pressure on the wounds as first aid can help preserve the lives of the victims until proper medical help arrives.
3. Can decrease emotional stress and trauma of the victims – Not knowing if help will come or not can put the victim under a lot of stress and trauma. A trained first aider can not only help the survival of the victims but could also make the whole experience less stressful for the victims. By providing immediate assistance, the victims know that there is hope and they have someone they can rely on.
So whenever you are caught or witness any emergency situation, you already know that giving first aid comes first.