There probably isn’t a person out there that hasn’t heard of the electronic cigarettes, or more popularly known as e-cigarettes, or e-cigs. Most people probably know that they are a type of vaporizing cigarettes that emit a dose of vaporised nicotine that can then be inhaled. However, not many people really know how these things work, and that is what we have set out to explain in this article.



Due to the fact that many people believe the e-cigarettes to be much safer than the regular cigarettes (mostly due to the fact that there is no combustion or smoke here), they really ought to learn a thing or two about them. Not knowing how something you use on a regular basis works can be both humiliating and dangerous at the same time. So, let’s make that right.

First, let’s say a thing or two about the look of the e-cigarette. They are long-shaped tubes, and look much like the ordinary cigarettes, pipes, or cigars. Their shape has to do with the fact that the people were used to holding a similar design in their hands, but also because that design seems to be the best one there is for such a function. These things are reusable, and have cartridges which can be replaced and refilled. There also are some e-cigarettes that have throw-away cartridges, and they are called the disposable e-cigarettes. Vaporfi provide most flavors. This device first appeared in China back in 2004, and has stormed the world in a really short time.

These devices are automatic, and there really isn’t that much for the user to do. The users just suck on the device, and the sensor on it will activate the heating element inside the cigarette that turns the liquid solution in a vapour, that can then be inhaled. This liquid solution is located in the mouthpiece, and does not necessarily have to contain any nicotine. It can have many flavours which the user can choose.

As we have already mentioned, the e-cig does not only have one component, it has several of them, and they include the mouthpiece, the battery, the heating element, as well as some electronic circuits, which is understandable, considering it’s an electronic cigarette.

The thing that allows the user to inhale the vapour and enjoy the taste of it is called the atomizer. It is a heating element that heats the liquid up and causes it to vapour in order for the user to be able to inhale it. This thing is a part of an e-cigarette that should be replaced pretty frequently, about once every 6 months.

The entire device is powered by a battery which can be recharged. Of course, the life of the battery depends on how much you use the device, but also on what type it is, what size it is, what is the environment in which it operates, etc. It is the largest part of an e-cigarette, and probably the most important one, because the device couldn’t work without it.