If you’re wondering if you really need travel insurance or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) then just take a look at the cost of treatment in countries such as the US. According to Sainsbury’s Finance the average cost of visiting a hospital abroad is £2,040. That figure alone tells you that you need travel insurance, especially if you’re visiting a country outside of the EU.

If you’re fit, healthy, and living and staying in Europe then you should be fine with an EHIC; even without travel insurance. As a UK resident this EHIC lets you use the state-healthcare of other countries as if it was the NHS.

Showing your EHIC or E111 to the state provider in question entitles you to receive the treatment for problems that can arise on holiday. You can’t use your EHIC to travel for healthcare purposes, but you can use it to cover any existing chronic issues that arise during your trip. With this card you’ll be treated as if you were a citizen of the country. There are some countries where you will be expected to pay the healthcare costs yourself but will usually have the option to be reimbursed.

Because the EHIC only covers state healthcare and not private healthcare it shouldn’t be considered an alternative to travel insurance. If you’re thinking about whether you should get an EHIC or travel insurance you should keep in mind that the healthcare system of the country you’ll be visiting could be different from what you’d expect with the NHS. For example some European state-run hospitals use private ambulance services and you’ll be expected to pay for an ambulance ride.

You should seek out medical care from a state-funded facility and always present your EHIC before getting treated to avoid private medical bills. If your healthcare arrangements were made through a hotel or travel representative. They will sometimes get you to choose a healthcare provider that you can’t use your EHIC with.

The NHS Choices website has all the information you need about what will and won’t be covered by the EHIC. In countries such as Spain the hospital will offer both state and private healthcare and they’ll expect you to say which one you prefer. If you’re expected to pay healthcare costs upfront at a Spanish hospital then you’ve entered a private service and you won’t be able to use your EHIC.

There are also European healthcare systems where you will have to pay up front and get the costs reimbursed through your EHIC. If that happens then you should try to process the refund before going back home. If that’s not possible then retain all paperwork and receipts so that you can make your claim through the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle on 0191 218 1999.

The UK currently has reciprocal healthcare agreements with select countries outside of the EU, where you couldn’t use your EHIC. These territories include Australia, Croatia, Gibraltar, New Zealand and Russia.

If you spend time in any of these countries and something goes wrong and you need medical treatment then these countries should treat you, a UK national, as if you were from the country. As such as you can get state healthcare at a reduced rate, if not free.

Despite these reciprocal agreements you are still taking a big risk by not purchasing travel insurance that covers medical costs. That’s because these agreements don’t cover the repatriation costs, nor do they cover the cost of monitoring any existing conditions. You could also find that the range medical services offered by the country you visit isn’t as expansive as the NHS.


Protein is probably one of the most important food groups. It is responsible for the growth and repair of your body. So whether you’re trying to recover from and illness or you’re simply just trying to bulk up protein is something that you should seriously consider integrating into your diet on a regular basis. If you’re stuck on how to do that here’s a few types of food that will give you a protein rich diet:

Seeds and Nuts

Nuts and seeds are a rich source of protein and something small that you can choose to snack on without having to commit to a heavy protein diet. Vegetarians and vegans actually rely on nuts and seeds for protein in their diet as having a balanced diet altogether is of the utmost importance.


Dairy is a great way to get a bit of protein in your diet simply because dairy is in almost everything. Most people consume dairy products without even realising it whether it’s a glass of milk in the morning or a simple slice of cheese on toast. The fact that dairy is a great source of calcium makes it even better making a generous contribution to giving you stronger bones.


Meat is probably the most reliable source of protein in a diet. In order to have a balanced diet it is said that you should include meat with at least one of your meals. Though some may choose to be vegetarian or vegan of their own accord it is undeniable that meat is great for providing your body with the protein it needs.


Having a great dentist is always important for everyone. It puts your mind at ease knowing you are in great hands as you deal with dental issues or simply on your regular dental checkup. Though there are millions of dentists around the world, not all of them are great. Thus it would be hard for people to find a great dentist right away. You can try to search online and read reviews about a dental clinic or a dentist but it is not always reliable due to online marketing and search engine optimisation techniques which can be used. For a more reliable recommendation, here are some authorities to ask when looking for a great dentist like Start Smiling Cosmetic Dentists.

  1. Friends and family – Your friends and family have their own dentist. They also prefer to have a great dentist instead of mediocre ones. Though your friends and family could have a different opinion of a great dentist, they can still provide you a clear picture on their experience and the quality of service their dentist provides.
  2. Dentists – Dentists have their own circle of colleagues. If you know a dentist or two which you trust but for some circumstances cannot acquire their services, you can ask them for recommendations on a great dentist for you.
  3. Physicians – Your physician is also a great source of knowing about different dentists. They know that oral hygiene is important to your health thus they would only recommend a great dentist for their clients.
  4. Dental insurance company – Your dental insurance company will recommend you their accredited dentists. These dentists affiliated in your dental insurance company are screened thoroughly making them very reliable when it comes to their services.
  5. Dental association – If you call a local or state dental association, they can also provide you a list of dentists which they recommend given your location and situation. All the dentists the association will recommend are licensed and members of the national association for dentists.
  6. Local hospital – Your local hospital is also a great place to ask for a great dentist. They could have their own dentists or know more about the dentists in your area.
  7. Dental school – If there is a dental school in your area, the school will often provide dental services. The services they offer are often lower than regular rates. For basic dental care and services, it is a good choice to refer to them.

Regardless of who you ask, you will often get several names of dentists which are great. You simply need to verify these information and use a one time trial to see the quality of their services before hiring them as your long-term dentist.